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Notice here that the list is arranged at random and the numbering has nothing to do with the ranking or popularity of the Simulators. Let us have brief introduction of each of the simulators.

The list of the Top 10 Best Simulators for Arduino is shown in the following.

  1. Paul Ware’s Arduino simulator.
  2. Simduino.
  3. ArduinoSim
  4. Arduino Simulator for PC.
  5. Emulare Arduino simulator.
  6. Simulator for Arduino.
  7. Autodesk Eagle.
  8. Proteus.
  9. Autodesk Circuits.
  10. Virtronics Simulator for Arduino

Paul Ware’s Arduino Simulator:

The simulator is named after the man who developed it that is Paul Ware. It is very easy to use Arduino simulator which has built in library for most of the sensors and actuators. The simulator has a user friendly graphical user interface and you can easily manipulate the changes in the Arduino and its sensors and actuators to realize the working code and circuit.


SimDuino is another simulator for simulating the code and circuit based on the Arduino development board. This Arduino simulator is paid and is designed to operate on the Apple devices. With the help of this simulator you can learn about the coding and electronics that is used in the Arduino project development.


It is also the useful simulator for simulating the Arduino code and hardware based on Arduino microcontroller development. It provides a good platform and a user friendly learning environment. You can have good learning experience using this Arduino simulator as it allows to easily manipulate the circuit and code. ArduinoSim is not the open source and has a good amount of users. It was created using Python which is commonly used language and has a wide database available online. ArduinoSim is totally free and easily downloaded.

Arduino Simulator for PC:

This simulator is also among the best Arduino simulators. It has all the benefits and advantages that all the Arduino Simulators have. It has its base on both Windows and Linux. This Arduino simulator allows the user to use any type of Arduino development board that is Arduino UNOArduino MEGA,Arduino nano etc also it can simulate the code and hardware for the liquid circuit display.

Emulare Arduino Simulator:

This Arduino simulator stands at prominent among other Simulators due t0 its unique features. This Arduino Simulator is capable of simulating multiple projects in the Arduino without any issue that is you can carry out various functions using this Simulator simultaneously. Another plus point of this simulator is that it can be used with either Windows or Linux.

Simulator for Arduino:

This Arduino simulator is developed by the Virtronics and is used by many students and hobbyists. It serves as the good teaching platform for students and beginners who want to learn about coding and circuit designing.

Autodesk Eagle:

Although all of the above mentioned Arduino simulators have their own specific design and use but Autodesk Eagle enjoys the best position among all the Arduino simulators as it is recommended software by many of the experts. Autodesk is also the standard simulation software that can also be used to design the printed circuit boards. Although you need to download the simulation model of the Arduino for this Software but the simulation files are readily available online so that is not an issue.