Final Year Project for ECE – Arduino Sign language glove


Welcome to the Techatronic, In this project, we will make a final year project for ECE which is sign language glove with Arduino. you have never seen that type of project and glove which is made for the help of Dump people who can’t speak. so, with this awesome project, they can talk easily. why we are making these projects so that the reason is that the people who are impaired to talk and not capable to transfer their thought to the others. it will help to transfer the thought of that person to another person who is at the front of his/her. For example, if any person who can not speak and he want to drink the water he will not able to say this to another person but with this glove, he has to bend his finger only and the other person can easily read the sentence into the LCD attached in the project. we have more projects like that from these Smart irrigation using Arduino is one of the best.

How does it work?

This glove is total works on the sensors. which are having the 5 sensors on 5 fingers. means one sensor on one finger respectively. and these sensors are the flex sensor. when we flex these sensors the value of the reading gets change. so we will use this reading in our application. the flex sensor varies the values from the 0 to 1023, so you have to modify your code according to the sensor value. we put all these sensors over the glove as we bent our finger the flex sensor also will be bent. so, when we bent our finger the reading got changed and the Arduino send the value on the LCD screen. for example if we bent our first finger then the sentence on the LCD will be “I need food”. and if I bent my thumb then it will show “I need water”. same condition for rest three fingers also.

Components Required for Final Year Project for ECE – Arduino Sign language glove

  • Arduino Uno
  • Flex sensor
  • 16X2 display
  • wires
  • glove
  • PCB

Arduino is the brain in this project which will make the decision on the behalf of the condition using in the code and it will get the value of the reading from the flex sensor. and will compare the value with the given condition and according to the condition, it will take the decision. the flex sensor is basically is the resistor which changes the value of the resistance according to the position of the sensor when you flex the sensor it will change the value according to the angle of bending. The LCD display is a very good device and playing a vital role in this project all the resultant data will be showing at the LCD which can be easily viewed by the people.  jumper wires are only to make the connection.

Circuit Diagram for Arduino sign language glove


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